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English 1987.When.the.Day.Comes.2017.720p.KOR.HDRip.H264.AAC-KTH   mercedesw09
Not mine. Just shared 

1987: When the Day Comes (2017)

دانلود زیرنویس 1987: When the Day Comes 2017
1987 عنوان اصلی:
Movie نوع :
interrogation, torture, police brutality, political corruption, riots,zirnevis 1987: When the Day Comes (2017) , دانلود زیرنویس فارسی Movie 1987: When the Day Comes (2017) کلمات کلیدی:
2017 سال :
129 دقیقه مدت زمان فیلم :
کشور درجه
Argentina 13
Australia M
Canada 18A
Hong Kong IIB
Indonesia 17+
Japan G
New Zealand M
Singapore NC16
South Korea 15
Taiwan R-12
United States Not Rated
درجه سنین:
7.7 امتیاز:
3263 تعداد امتیازات:
Korean زبان های فیلم :
South Korea کشور:
Drama ژانر:
Drama ژانرهای فیلم :
Color سیاه سفید / رنگی:
Dolby Digital موزیک:
The truth must be told Tagline:
نام نقش
Joon-Hwan Jang
نام نقش
Kyung-chan Kim
نوشته شده توسط:
نام نقش
Ok Kyung Bang executive producer
Young-hwan Jang producer
Won-chan Jeong executive producer
Joo-Hyun Lee co-producer
Woo-jeong Lee executive producer
تولید شده توسط:
نام نقش
Tae-seong Kim (as Tae-sung Kim)
نام در نقش:
Yoon-seok Kim Park Cheo-Won
Jung-woo Ha Prosecutor Choi Hwan
Hae-Jin Yoo Han Byung-Yong
Tae-ri Kim Yeon-Hee
Hee-soon Park Detective Jo Han-Kyung
Hee-joon Lee Reporter Yoon Sang-Sam
Eui-sung Kim Lee Boo-Young
Jong-soo Kim Park Jung-Ki
Dal-su Oh Journalist
Chang-Seok Ko Journalist
Seong-kun Mun Jang Se-Dong
Hyeon Woo Kang Min-Chang
Woo-jin Jo Park Jong-Chul's uncle
Ji-hwan Park Detective
Seung-mok Yoo Yoo Jung-Bang
Kyung-gu Sol Kim Jung-Nam
Kyung-hye Park Jung-Mi
In-gi Jeong Priest Kim Seung-Hoon
Jin-gu Yeo Park Jong-Chul
Dong-won Gang Lee Han-Yeol
Chul-Hyung Im Information bureau director
Seung-gil Jeong Assistant Prosecutor General
Chang-Hoon Lee Prosecutor Pyo
Jo-a Yang Comic Book Love chairwoman
In 1987 Korea under an oppressive military regime, the unlawful interrogation and death of a college student ignite ordinary citizens to fight for the truth and bring about justice. Plot Outline:
  • In 1987 Korea under an oppressive military regime, the unlawful interrogation and death of a college student ignite ordinary citizens to fight for the truth and bring about justice.
  • In 1987 Korea, under an oppressive military regime, a college student gets killed during a police interrogation involving torture. Government officials are quick to cover up the death and order the body to be cremated. A prosecutor who is supposed to sign the cremation release, raises questions about a 21-year-old kid dying of a heart attack, and begins looking into the case for the truth. Despite a systematic attempt to silence everyone involved in the case, the truth gets out, causing an eruption of public outrage.
  • The truth must be told
برچسبها :
We know about 1 Crazy Credits. One of them reads:
Real footage pertinent to the movie is played alongside the closing credits, including protests, and footage of the real people involved in the film's story.
Crazy Credits:
نام سال کشور نظر
1987 original title
1987 Argentina
1987: When the Day Comes Australia
1987: When the Day Comes France
1987 - When the day comes Italy
1987, Aru tatakai no shinjitsu Japan
1987、ある闘いの真実 Japan Japanese title
1987: When the Day Comes New Zealand
Rok 1987 Poland
1987 Russia
1987: When the Day Comes USA
1987: When the Day Comes World-wide English title
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